UX Strategist

Malaysia, Contract

The UX Strategist works across admiral.digital and its affiliate or groups companies (the “Company”).

You will be part of a fast-growing team working on global and local accounts, reporting directly to the UX & UI Lead. 

You are responsible to identify the ideal user journey for mobile app and web by conducting and guarding the proper UX processes. You are obsessed with visualizing the best user journeys possible and present them to stakeholders, backed by proper quantitative & qualitative data points.  

You are the ‘ever curious objective led explorer’ designing and shaping unique, user-centric and inspiring designs and product experiences. You have the knowledge, expertise and drive to investigate, innovate and develop outstanding design solutions with an emphasis on digital applications. 

Highly organised, efficient, and with exceptional attention to detail, you always strive to deliver first class results to both internal and external stakeholders. You perceive working on different projects simultaneously as a challenge and you always think solutions instead of problems.


User Experience Strategy

  • Conduct user research and interviews to understand customers pain points, evaluate the findings and produce customer-centric solutions.  
  • Understand business strategy and objectives, architect UX flows from multiple touchpoints and platform perspective.
  • Design ideal state user experience by aligning with business objectives.
  • Develop prototype and supportive deliverables to effectively communicate solution approach.
  • Develop UX flows, prototypes and present the concept to stakeholders. 
  • Innovate, improve on existing user journey to enhance user adoption and engagement. 
  • Conduct usability testing on prototypes, identify flaws in the design and modify accordingly. Iterate cycle until the solution is ready to be released in the markets.
  • Prepare report on the findings and proposed solutions.
  • Work closely with squad members to identify product/feature releases, prioritize and plan the milestone.


  • Work with interactive prototyping software such as Sketch, Figma, InVision, Adobe XD, Zeplin and others. 
  • Work with Jira, Confluence, Trello and other project management tools.

Stakeholder Relationship

  • Work collaboratively with UI Designer and technical team to align overall user experience.
  • You work and communicate with client teams directly where required.
  • Present design decisions to stakeholders, articulate rationales behind to obtain approval.
  • Keep up to date with the UX trends, proactively knowledge sharing with the team. 
  • You have a “can-do” attitude and proven ability to work in a team environment.

Core Values

We live by our values – they are our principles and way of doing business. We work with T.R.U.S.T to inform the way we serve our customers and drive growth for the Company. We are true to our word and always follow through with our actions.


Descriptor: We build trust by being honest, open and consistent.
Behaviour: Customer First

  1. You maintain transparent communication with peers and management. 
  2. You actively foster respectful, productive and supportive working relationships within the Company and with our clients. 
  3. You listen to clients and the team and are responsive to requests and queries.
  4. You promote the exchange of information about successes and lessons and encourage the team to do the same. 
  5. You can tolerate a pressured environment, giving and receiving constructive feedback.


Descriptor: We deliver substantial improvements in performance by solving problems.
Behaviour: Outcome Focused

  1. You are committed to excellence in everything you do. 
  2. You show initiative and anticipate issues to overcome obstacles and offer appropriate solutions. 
  3. You are results-focused with impeccable attention to detail. 
  4. You proactively pitch-in, assisting peers and the Company to deliver results. 
  5. You can see the ‘bigger picture’ and contribute to longer-term objectives.


Descriptor: We are subject matter experts committed to exceptional understanding of digital solutions.
Behaviour: Be Exceptional

  1. You are hungry in your pursuit of technical knowledge and personal self-improvement.
  2. You demonstrate enthusiasm and pride in ensuring that all your outputs meet or exceed best practice.
  3. The knowledge you possess and the quality of your outputs inspire confidence in all key stakeholders (internal and external).
  4. You are clear on your objectives and manage your own workload in a timely and professional manner.
  5. You seek guidance, support and approval from management, always ensuring legal compliance and that brand and customer standards are never compromised.


Descriptor: We are curious and resourceful in finding the simplest solution.
Behaviour: Keep it Simple

  1. You are creative and entrepreneurial.
  2. You regularly demonstrate initiative and innovation in your thoughts and actions.
  3. You communicate simply, clearly and to a high professional standard.
  4. You are punctual, managing your own time whilst being respectful of other people’s time.
  5. You set realistic goals and expectations, working smarter to deliver results.

Team Work

Descriptor: We help each other and always make decisions for the benefit of the team.
Behaviour: One Team

  1. You model behaviour that inspires others to follow.
  2. You proactively train and coach peers, taking pride in their growth.
  3. You make appropriate contributions to team discussions and contribute to a positive team spirit.
  4. You recognize and maximize opportunities for the Company, our clients and the team.
  5. You act with dignity, tolerance and respect for your peers, clients and in all Company dealings.

Company Expectations


Be punctual and on time, keeping to the Company’s office hour.


Ensure naming conventions are accurate and files are saved in the right folder / format.

Take Notes

Be clear about the brief and take notes during meetings and briefings.

Proper Planning

Identify a proper time management workflow for each task.


Plan alignment sessions with the rest of the team.

Seek Clarity

Ask anyone related to the project if something is unclear.


Do further research to understand the expected output in more detail.

Quality First

Take pride in outputs and do not rush work just to be done with it.


Be critical about outputs at every stage and strive for improvement.


Ensure Project Managers are updated on the progress of tasks before leaving the office.

Seek Help

List out key challenges and how they can be resolved.

Quality Control (QC)

Double-check all work before sharing (the devil is in the detail).


Know what needs to be done and manage time to ensure deadlines are met.


Discuss and gain required approvals prior to (major) dealings with external stakeholders.


Proactively take the lead and project-manage tasks.

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